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Jack Pout and The Dirt Level
"Getting Off The Ground"

The debut album from Jack Pout and The Dirt Level, recorded with Mikey Shaw (A.K.A Junior Ras) with photography by Richard Shashamane and now here for your enjoyment!
These ten tracks of Folk/Rock happiness took only 3 days to record but around 5 months of planning, designing and crying to finally reach you. We're really proud to have made this and it was so much fun to create, we really hope you enjoy it and we are, as ever, supremely grateful for you listening to our music.
Come and have a dance with us soon!

Jack Pout - Acoustic/electric guitar and vocals.
Robbie Kuhn - Vocals, percussion and drums.
Ben Asker - Vocals and Bass
Calum McKemmie - Banjo, mandolin and fiddle.