Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault (Scotland - Bretagne 2011) @320

A leading instrumentalist in Contemporary Traditional, British Isles, European
and World music, Calum Stewart is establishing a unique style along his way,
the sound of his Wooden Flute being fundamental to this.
Coming from a new generation of Breton musicians, Heikki Bourgault's
traditional yet modern, unique interpretations, push the limits of the open
tuned guitar.
Originally from the North of Scotland and brought up with the traditional
music of his native Morayshire, Calum Stewart has a developed a distinctive
contemporary-traditional voice. Through collaborations with a vast array of
musicians from many different genres, in the UK and Internationally,
Calum has absorbed many different influences on his musical journey.
Formed through an excisting musical friendship, Calum Stewart
and Heikki Bougault began their musical journey together in 2008.
Rooted in Celtic music of the British Isles, Calum was brought up among
the strong musical traditions of his native Scotland. Starting on the penny
whistle at a young age, Calum then moved onto the Wooden Flute.
Whilst being dedicated to the traditional music of his home land,
Calum is constantly searching for the voice that goes beyond
borders and melodies which are not geographically cemented.
Coming from a new generation of guitarists, Heikki embraces the strong tradition
of Breton musicians, whilst pushing the boundaries of the open-tuned guitar.
His knowledge of Fest Noz dance, both as dancer and musician, nourishes his composition in
the Breton style, whilst giving him a solid base to explore new ground.
This urge to look beyond borders, pushing the limits,
whilst respecting traditions is what brings Calum Stewart and Heikki Bourgault together :
With old instruments, a new sound is forged.

Calum STEWART : wooden flute
Heikki BOURGAULT : acoustic guitar
Guest :
Jacky MOLARD : violin, viola

1 - Scottishe Bihan
2 - Retour au Ty-Anna
3 - Yellow on the Broom
4 - One fine day
5 - La bouche en coeur
6 - Jolie Nanon
7 - Flight to Bogota
8 - The Cherry Tree Waltz
9 - Final Embrace
10 - Polska Jigs
11 - Vergers