Zlabya - La Méduse-Boîte [Belgium 2010] @320

Born in 2007, Zlabya dedicates itself to folk music for dancers...
It owes its unusual style to the work of its composers: Raphael Decoster and Olivier Catteau...
With a repertoire influenced by Klezmer, Irish and Tzigane music, Zlabya contributes to the tradition while innovating, to the dancers' greatest pleasure...

In 2008, Florian Huygebaert (percussion instruments) joins the band...
In 2009, after two years spent on various stages of France and Belgium (mainly around the Franco-Flemish area, but also in festivals such as Damada, Genntines, the Boombal festival, Andaças and Roubaix l'accordéon), Fanny Bizien and Olivier Catteau leave the band. They are succeeded by J-B Guerrier (double bass) and Theo Kaiser (trumpet and DADGAD guitar)...

Keeping the dancers' well-being as sole purpose and driving force of its creation, the band turns towards a jazz-inspired aesthetic, preserving space for improvisation within its compositions and arragements.

1. Jammin (4:34)
2. L'amour à Saint-Omer (4:20)
3. Claude (5:12)
4. La vieille dame & Le P (4:43)
5. Manhattan Igloo (5:01)
6. Les marins d'eau douce (5:47)
7. De Potvis (6:51)
8. La Neyge (4:31)
9. Tantz tantz yiddelekh ünd cocek (1:13)
10. Les Toulousains (4:30)
11. Ginger Dog (4:45)
12. La Fille en Feuilles d'arbre (3:19)
13. Harmonikka tuuli (4:54)

Zlabya :
Raphaël Decoster (accordéon)
Yvain Delahousse (Violon)
Laure Gagnon (Flûtes)
Jean-Baptiste Guerrier (Contrebasse)
Florian Huygebaert (Percussions)
Théo Kaiser (Trompette, bugle, guitare)
En Guest star :
Pascale Rubbens accordéon Diatonique
Toon Van Mierlo Saxophone soprano