Triple-X - Wodka Vaseline [Belgium 2010] @320

Triple-X is a young Belgian folk band representing strong exciting groovy (dance) folk music, full of energy. The group performed on several stages throughout Europe and is frequently assisted by guests like Stéphane Hardy on Breton bombard, singer Soetkin Collier (Urban Trad)and many others.  Triple-X exists of Bert Leemans  on accordion,  Björn Van Hove on fiddle,  Jeroen Geerinck  on guitar and Ludo Stichelmeyer on percussion.
The fact that Triple-X covered already a serious musical way clearly can be heard on its first album: “Wodka Vaseline”. It has been warmly received by the press publishing reviews and audience, which only acknowledges the reputation of Triple-X as one of the top folk bands from Belgium.

01. Broki / Loki (Scottish)
02. Ingo / Husar (Hanter dro)
03. Living Room Mazurka (Mazurka)
04. Culasse / Moerpipi (Bourrée)
05. Katliejas (Gavottes de montagnes, dañs tro - ton simple, ton kentañ, ton berr)
06. 113 (Gavottes de montagnes, dañs tro - tamm kreiz, tamm diskuizh)
07. Ben & Dirk Houter (Gavottes de montagnes, dañs tro - ton doubl, ton diwezhañ, ton hir)
08. Bedwongen (chant, chanson, complainte, gwerz)
09. Colors Of Sugus (Cercle circassien)
10. Karma (Valse)
11. Roeland En Zijn Klokkenspel (Rock ou folk celtique)
12. Lihll / Pe I Floa (chant, chanson, complainte, gwerz)
13. 26 (Valse)
14. Sweet Goldfish (Bourrée)
Bert Leemans : Accordéon
Björn Van Hove : Violon
Jeroen Geerinck : Guitare
Ludo Stichelmeyer : Percussions
Stéphane Hardy : Bombarde, Sax Soprano
Soetkin Colier : vocals